Car Safety- Can You Rely on Tire Pressure Monitors

Having tire pressure monitors is a useful car safety feature. Embedded inside the tire, it can be a handy indicator of low tire pressure. Driving with a tire that has low pressure can be an indicator of a leaking or flat tire. A tire pressure monitor can also let you know if you have under inflated or over inflated your tire. An under inflated tire can be extremely dangerous to drive around with. It can go unnoticed for many days before the owner gets it taken care of.

Do They Really Work?

Tire pressure monitors can be temperamental at times. Because they are so sensitive, anything can set them off. If you every noticed that your tire pressure monitor is glowing the only way to get it turn off is by checking your tire pressure. This is actually a great thing to do, because it provides you with an adding security bonus. Many studies have shown that driving with tires that are not properly inflated can cause spinouts, tread wear and consume gas. Therefore, relying on your tire pressure monitor cannot only save you money, but it can possibly save your life.