Car Safety: Dangers of Aerosols in Vehicles

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Car safety involves more than driving defensively, keeping your vehicle in good working order and always being alert. It also covers things that have little to do with the operation of the vehicle. For instance, keeping aerosols in your vehicle can be extremely dangerous. An aerosol could be a can of starter fluid, spray paint, flat tire repair or even hairspray. Regardless of the product, you should not store aerosol cans in your car.

Dangers of Aerosols in Vehicles

Aerosols, when kept in overheated conditions, can become volatile and explosive. Many aerosol cans, whatever the contents, warn explicitly against keeping them in areas where the temperature reaches 120 degrees F or more. During the summer, the inside of a car can reach 130 degrees F or hotter. At these temperatures, aerosols become overpressurized and can explode at any time.

An exploding aerosol could cause broken windows or injured passengers.

Improving Car Safety

To improve your car safety, keep anything in an aerosol can out of the car. Flat tire repair in an aerosol can also presents risk, but if you insist on keeping it in the car for emergencies, store it in the trunk. Don't store anything else in the vehicle at any time, but especially during the summer months.

Car safety is not merely a matter of good driving. It also means being safe with flammable and explosive materials that are commonly used with automobiles.