Car Window Tint - Self Installation or Professional?

Choosing a car window tint is a great way to increase the value of your vehicle while protecting the interior from fading and cracking. You will be able to install a tint yourself, or have it installed professionally. Here are some things to consider when you make that decision.


A professional installation will give you a higher quality tint job. A tint that is professionally installed will come with a warranty both on workmanship and the tint film. You may pay a little more money out of pocket to have a tint installed by a professional, but if the tint bubbles or peels you will have recourse.

Laws and Regulations

When you choose to install a tint on your own, you will have to research your local laws and regulations for what is and isn't allowed. Many states have restrictions on the tints reflectiveness and darkness. If you purchase the tint on your own and install it without researching, you can face fines, and the expense of removing the tint. A local professional tinting company will be well versed on the local laws and can advise you on which tint is best.

Ease of Installation

It can be very difficult to get a tint to install properly. You have to use the right tools, cut it perfectly, and even then you can still find bubbles. A professionally installed window tint won't give you the same headaches since you don't have to lift a finger to install it.