Car Window Tint - What's Too Dark?

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Car window tint comes in a variety of shade percentages, from 10 to 100 percent dark. There are many different laws that dictate which percentage is legal for your area. Check with your local police department for the percentage of tint allowed in your state before installing any tint on your windows.

What Windows Are Exempt from Tinting Laws

No windows are exempt from tinting laws. Laws define how dark your windshield-including how far down the glass tinting may extend, driver side, passenger side, rear windows and even side windows on some vans and vehicles may be.

The percentage of tinting may vary from window-to-window as well. What is okay for a rear passenger window may be too dark for the driver's side window. The laws will vary depending on what type of vehicle you own as well.

How to Tell If a Tint is Legal

Even when a law designates a specific percentage of tint is legal; in many states it's still up to the law enforcement officer who stops you to determine if the tint is too dark. If you have your tinting done by a shop, they can, and are required to place a sticker on the window or vehicle stating that the window is legally tinted. You can also get a sample tinting strip from most window tinting shops that will help you determine if your windows are tinted too dark.