Help Your Car Keep Its Cool - Clean, Flush, Refill

To avoid problems resulting from rust, dirt and mineral deposits in the cooling system, it's best to give it an internal cleaning every year or two.

It's easy. Here's how: 

  1. Begin with the engine cold and ignition off. Remove the radiator pressure cap. 
  2. Open the petcock at the bottom of the radiator and drain the coolant into a bucket. 
  3. Close the petcock and fill the radiator with water. 
  4. Start the engine and turn the heater control to hot. Add cooling system cleaner and idle the engine for 30 minutes (or as per the instructions on container). 
  5. Stop the engine and allow it to cool for five minutes. Drain the system. 
  6. Close the petcock, fill the radiator with water and let the engine idle for five minutes. 
  7. Repeat step No.5. Close the petcock. 
  8. Install new 50/50 mixture of water and ethylene glycol antifreeze/coolant.
Courtesy of the Car Care Council