Streamline Your Winter Morning Routine

It's a familiar scene: You wake up after a night of sleet, snow or frost to find your vehicle covered with a frozen layer that seems to take hours to chip away.

How much time do you spend on winter mornings clearing the frost, ice and snow from your car before driving away? Five minutes? Ten minutes? More? How many times have you cleared only a portion of your windshield and figured you can see well enough to drive, even though your field of vision is still compromised?

Driving in winter weather conditions can be difficult. Add to that the reduced visibility associated with snow, ice or frost on your car's windows and you have a situation that can turn treacherous.

Not to worry. Vehicle owners who park their cars outside during the winter have an alternative to the time-consuming morning de-icing routine and the safety issues relating to driving with a frost-covered windshield.

That alternative is a car cover. Simply cover your car when it's parked outside, and in less than one minute, you'll be ready to drive away. Not only does a car cover help streamline your morning routine, but you'll also be safe in knowing that your clear windows afford an unobstructed view.

On average, it takes people about 45 seconds to put on or take off a car cover-much less time than most folks need to scrape ice and snow off their windows. And today's car covers are made with some high-tech fabrics designed to resist the moisture that can freeze on the surface of your car. These high-tech car cover fabrics even "breathe" from the inside so that any residual moisture on your car can escape. Look for the Block-It, Evolution or Noah Fabric label on your car cover to make sure the fabric is protecting your car from the wet winter elements.

Do you park your vehicle in a garage in the winter? Car covers can also help protect a garaged vehicle from the dust and dings that can damage a vehicle's paint. As dust settles on the surface of your car, it builds up a layer of grit that eventually becomes abrasive. Though it may produce only microscopic scratches at first, dust will eventually deteriorate your car's thin paint surface. And once it's reached the point that you've noticed, it's too late.

If you would like extra protection for a garaged vehicle, make sure you look for a car cover fabric that's flannel-soft, so it doesn't scratch your paint, but engineered to be thicker, to provide extra protection against dings. Dustop Fabric provides a four-layer protection while being lighter than most flannel car covers so it's easier to use.

Be Ready. When you use a car cover, there's no longer a need to scrape off snow and ice in the morning.

Courtesy of NAPSnet.