Cardboard Recycling

Cardboard recycling is very popular in modern times. Everyone takes the cardboard out and places it in the recycling bin with the papers to be picked up. However, you may want to give a second thought to your cardboard recycling habits. Next time you have some spare flattened boxes or other cardboard, try your own method of cardboard recycling around the house. There are several useful things you can make with excess cardboard.

  • Tunnels – If you have a larger sized house or a basement the kids can play in, you can set up a series of cardboard tunnels for their games. It will be like your kid's own indoor, private, jungle gym. This cardboard recycling technique also works great for cats. Rather than have them terrorizing your house for things to run through and under, you can set up smaller tunnels for them to chase each other through.
  • Gifts – Try having some fun next time someone has a birthday and wrap their present in several boxes that get consecutively smaller.

Use Caution With Cardboard Recycling

Although cardboard recycling is rather safe to do, you will want to watch out for a couple things. If you have any kind of cardboard that is wet, replace it, and just toss the old one. Also, keep an eye out for mold or other problems that could arise if the cardboard was sitting outside.