Caring for a Holly Tree During Winter

Severe winter conditions are hard on a holly tree. Cold weather can cause purple spots on the leaves and punctured foliage, as well as cracking or splitting of the branches due to the difference in temperature between the cold outside air and the heat of the sun. Follow these steps to keep your holly tree looking beautiful and healthy all winter long.

Keep Your Holly Tree Pruned

Regularly trim your holly tree during its dormant stage, which is usually in the winter around Christmas time. Removing diseased growth gives the tree a nice shape, but also makes it stronger and more likely to withstand extreme weather conditions.

Spray Hollies

Winds are typically harsher and and stronger in the winter. This can cause punctures in holly foliage as the spiny-edged leaves blow against each other. You may not be able to prevent punctures, but you can provide your trees with an extra coat of protection against the harsh elements by spraying the leaves with an anti-transpirant spray. Purchase this spray at any garden center.

Protect Hollies

The best way to protect your holly tree is by erecting a wind barrier. Use wooden stakes in the ground to loosely wrap burlap around your tree. Protect the roots by spreading winter mulch over them once the ground freezes.