Caring for a Mandarin Orange Tree (Citrus Reticulata)

The citrus reticulata is a small tree that originated in southeastern Asia. The mandarin is simple to grow. It needs a warm climate and sunny exposure from the south or west. It should not be exposed to temperature of 24 degrees Fahrenheit or below for even two hours. The shelter of a fence or patio is good for the mandarin orange tree.

How to Plant

To make a mandarin orange tree produce well yielding good mandarin oranges, they must be planted in the correct location.

  • They need full sun.
  • Mandarin trees thrive in well-drained and neutral soil. Add lime to even barely acidic soil.

Young and Old Trees

The young mandarin tree needs to be watered often. The trees are disposed to root rot so allow them to dry after each watering. The older mandarin orange trees can live with just rainfall.

  • You should feed the tree at 6-week intervals for 3 years.
  • Then fertilize it 3 times each year.

If you don’t want to take care of a young tree buy a transplant that is three years old.