Caring for an Organ Pipe Cactus

The magnificent Organ Pipe Cactus is an impressive addition to any garden. It grows in clumps composed of several individual ribbed branches or stems; each stem is about 6 inches wide. Its beautiful night-blooming flowers are white with purple or pink tints. A slow-growing desert native, Organ Pipe Cactus can live for decades.

If you choose to add this cactus to your garden, the following are musts for its care.

  • Choose a space large enough to accommodate the cactus when it is fully grown. In nature, it can grow over 20 feet high and up to 12 feet wide.
  • Plant it in full sun in sandy or other good draining soil. Water infrequently when soil is dry and do not allow soil to become soggy. In nature, Organ Pipe Cactus uses rain water only.
  • When starting it from a seedling, provide Organ Pipe Cactus with a shady spot for a few years until its root system is developed. In nature, this cactus grows under existing shade until its roots mature.
  • Protect this cactus from frost as it can be damaged if it gets too cold.
  • This is a very spiny, thorny cactus so keep it away from walkways and areas in the garden where pets and kids may be. Enjoy your Organ Pipe Cactus from a distance.
  • Organ Pipe Cactus would be a great centerpiece for your garden, or grow it near other plants with the same water, sun and cold weather requirements.