Caring For Drop Ceiling Tiles

Drop ceiling tiles are very easy to care for. Whether your drop ceiling tiles are new or existing, they can be cleaned and cared for easily. If your tiles are new, simply keeping them dusted will make them last a long time. Should they get extremely dirty, they can be cleaned or replaced.

Here are some simple steps to keeping your drop ceiling tiles, new or old, looking great.

Simple cleaning steps

No matter what your drop ceiling is made of, plaster, wood, plastic or metal there are simple steps to keep it clean and beautiful.

  • When cleaning drop ceiling tiles, start with a good dusting. It is a good idea to cover the floor and furniture to stop dust and dirt from falling on them. Eye protection should also be used so you don't get dust in your eyes. You may want to wear a mask so you won't inhale the dust falling from above. Always remember that safety and health come before anything else!
  • Use a feather or static duster to get most of the loose dust down. Don't use the disposable kind. They tend to leave bits behind as they can snag on porous drop ceiling tiles.
  • Use a vacuum cleaner with attachments to remove dust and spider webs from your drop ceiling tiles. You can just empty the sweeper and the dirt and dust is gone. The brush attachment with soft bristles is perfect for this type of job.
  • If there are stains or dirt that won't come off with a little dusting, try a dry sponge or cloth on porous tiles. Do not use anything wet on porous drop ceiling tiles. Porous drop ceiling tiles will look worse if they get wet. As a last resort, replace the stained and dirty tiles that just won't come clean. 

Specific Types Need Different Care

If you have metal or PVC drop ceiling tiles, they can have detailed designs. Dust and dirt can build up in the design. Some metal or PVC drop ceiling tiles are polished and shiny. Some are painted. To clean them use the tips above. Be sure there is nothing in the dust cloth of your choice that will scratch the finish. If your metal drop ceiling tiles are really dirty, clean them with a dish soap solution. Any dirt should come right off and your drop ceiling tiles will look fresh and clean. Rinse thoroughly and allow them to air dry before you replace them in the ceiling. If you happen to see any sign or rust on metal drop ceiling tiles, just grab some fine steel wool and carefully scrub the rust away. Any tiles that won't come clean should be replaced. Tip: if your drop ceiling tiles are water damaged, fix the leak before replacing.

Keep Your Drop Ceiling Beautiful

Caring for your drop ceiling tiles, new or old, is quite easy. With some regular dusting and some occasional extra cleaning, your drop ceiling tiles should keep their good looks for years to come.