Caring For Laminate Countertops

Having laminate countertops in your bathroom and kitchen comes with several advantages. These countertops are not only beautiful and affordable but they are also easy to maintain and care for. To ensure that you enjoy these pleasant advantages for a long time the following guidelines will come in handy.

Cleaning Method For Laminate Countertops

To clean laminate countertops on a daily basis use a soft cloth to wipe the surface clean. With this cloth you will be able to rid the surface of both dirt and dust whilst ensuring that the laminate finish is not damaged.

Some spills might permanently stain laminate countertops, so you should always be quick to wipe spills off the surface.

To remove stubborn stains make a paste on top of the stain using some baking soda and water and then wipe it off gently with an absorbent cloth. Don't use abrasive cleansers and steel wool, and avoid using scraping and scrubbing motions, because doing so can damage the laminate countertop.

Don't Drop Heavy Weights On Laminate Surfaces

Laminate countertops are renowned for their toughness, but the laminate is easily damaged when heavy items are dropped on it. Also don't drag heavy objects over the laminate, as this may lead to damage (especially where there are seams).

Additionally, do not use blades directly on the countertop surface in the course of cutting. Doing this results in the chipping of the laminate and greatly mars the otherwise smooth surface.

Avoid Using Too Much Water

Laminate countertops are waterproof to a large extent but this does not imply that water damage cannot be done. Avoid exposing the countertops to excessive water, especially where there are seams. If water manages to seep into the seams there is a huge possibility that the substrate will swell, resulting in a deformed countertop.

You will appreciate this fact much more when you realize that the ‘substrates’ underneath the laminated surface are actually compressed layers of plastic and paper.

Hot Items And Harsh Chemicals Damage Laminate

Hot objects which are normally found in the kitchen inflict some of the worst damage that laminate countertops can suffer. This is especially due to the nature of the laminate material. Avoid such damages by ensuring that hot pans and pots are not directly placed on the surface, but rather on hot pads or hotplates.

Laminate countertops do not respond very well to harsh chemicals of any type (but especially those that contain acidic elements). Chemicals to avoid at all costs are ceramic cleaners, metal cleaners, drain unclogging preparations and rust removers.

Regularly Wax Laminate Surfaces

Buy some special laminate wax for the protection of the countertop surface. With regular waxing a protective layer will form on the counter, which will deter an easy penetration of stains into the laminate. This layer will also greatly enhance the appearance of your countertop.