Caring For Linoleum Tile

Made from linseed oil mixed with pulverized wood, cork or other ingredients, linoleum tile is biodegradable, durable and water resistant flooring option. Because it's made of resilient materials, linoleum tile is perfect for kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms and other areas of high traffic. Caring for these tiles is simple and you probably already have everything you’ll need to keep it looking new.

Scuffs and Scratches

Dirt can not only stain but also scratch your linoleum creating fine rivets in the smooth surface where grime can hide making your floor look dingy. To prevent this, sweep your floor often with a soft bristle broom to remove all debris. A tennis ball can be used to remove scuff marks on your floor.  Pop a ball on the end of your broom handle to make it a double threat: sweeper and scuff remover with one quick flip. Once a week mop your linoleum with a mixture of 1 gallon hot water, ¼ cup bleach, and 2 teaspoons liquid dish soap. Allow the floor to air dry.

Wax and Refinish

There are two types of finishes on linoleum floors: urethane-coated and wax-coated. If your floor has a urethane finish sweeping and weekly mopping will keep it clean and looking new. If your floor has a wax-coat it needs to be refinished once or twice a year. Apply a paste wax to the floor; allow to dry; then buff with a dry, soft cloth. Check with your floors manufacturer for the type of paste wax recommended.