Caring for Marble and Natural Stone Floors

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During extensive remodels, many homeowners will opt for the use of natural stone floors, such as marble, to finish off their main foyer, or entryway. These natural stone floors look incredibly regal, but can be tough to maintain and keep clean.

Natural Stone Floors Cleaning Tips

When cleaning natural stone floors it is important to keep in mind that are some things you should do to ensure that it is cleaned correctly. Clean the stone floors with a specific stone cleaner. Some soaps, and detergents, can cause some staining and damage to the floor. Always use a clean mop when cleaning a large area. Do not use an old mop that has been used several times before. It could contain dirt and small rocks that can scratch the floor and finish. More is not always best. Try to stay within the recommended amount of cleaning solution as too much can cause a film to be on the floor and streaks. If covering a lot of floor, then make it a point to change the water several times during mopping.

General Care Tips

Natural stone flooring can scratch easily through dirt, and small rocks. Minimize this by dry mopping of sweeping the area frequently and using rugs to keep sand and dirt off the floor. Do not use a vacuum to clean the floor.

You will enjoy your natural stone floor for a lifetime by following these simple tips.