Caring For Your Bermuda Grass

Bermuda grass is a popular choice in southern climates because it can hold up to the harsh sun with a little amount of water needed. Caring for your Bermuda grass lawn is a simple task. It loves the sun but also does extremely well in the shade. It is a durable turf grass that provides excellent ground cover for being walked upon as well.


Schedule watering your Bermuda grass sod during summer months every two to three days depending upon soil conditions and the amount of rain received in your area. You want to provide a thorough soaking so during the course of watering you should stop for an hour to let the water soak in. Place a rain gauge in the area being watered to monitor the amount needed looking to gain a 1/4  to ¾ of an inch. Once you’ve determined the time it takes to water to this amount, you need not monitor any more. The time you have discovered should be sufficient under the same conditions in which you tested. If you have some patches on your lawn that are a bit crunchy and hard to walk upon, you probably are not watering enough.


Bermuda grass is one of the most difficult grasses to mow. Regular rotary mowers are not good because the grass needs to be cut to a height of one to one and a half inches.

Leave the clippings on the lawn. This will help return nitrogen to the soil saving money on fertilizer.