Caring For Your Roll Turf

Installing roll turf can be an excellent way to jumpstart your yard landscaping project. While installing sod is a relatively simple process, proper follow-up care will ensure that the lawn becomes securely established and thrives.


Have roll turf delivered early in the morning and installed immediately, before the heat of the day. If there will be any delay in placing the rolls, gently mist the sod to prevent it from drying out. If you have a large sod project, periodically mist the rolls as you progress. Do not put on so much water that the attached dirt becomes soggy and muddy. Your goal is to keep the ground damp and moist and prevent drying the delicate roots of the grass.

As you begin placing the rolls, start with a straightedge reference point, like a sidewalk or fence line. If this is not possible, then lay out a straight chalk line as a reference point. Check the rolls for straightness as you progress.

Lay the rolls tightly against each other, pressing so that there are no gaps between the lines.

Once the rolls are completely laid out, avoid walking or kneeling on the grass to prevent damage to the new sod. For the first several weeks, do not walk excessively or use the grass, since during this period of time the roots will be establishing themselves in their new home.


Within 30 minutes of installation, water the new grass. Water the grass long enough so that it receives approximately 1 inch of water and is completely soaked to the roots, but not muddy.

After the first day, it is important to water the new sod every day to soak the roots of the grass. Make sure that you water thoroughly, but not so much that it becomes muddy or soggy.


Feed the grass for the first time after approximately 4 to 6 weeks of installation. This will allow enough time for the new roots to be established and the new sod to become firmly launched in place. Use a balanced fertilizer of nitrogen, phosphate and potash.

Do not over-fertilize, but feed the grass every 4 to 6 weeks throughout the growing season. As winter approaches, apply fertilizer that is designed for winter conditions in your area.


Do not mow the new sod for at least 3 weeks. Avoid mowing the sod shorter than approximately 3 inches, and try to prevent bald spots from appearing due to mowing the grass to short. If necessary, raise the blade on the lawn mower to allow the grass to grow high enough to keep from mowing it too short.

Not only will allowing the grass to grow higher keep the grass blades in top condition, but it will also discourage the grow and infestation of crab grass, which thrives in overly short grass.

Installing roll turf is an excellent way to enhance your backyard and create a cool place for entertaining and for your family to play. Rolled sod should be installed within 8 hours of being cut, so plan on an early start to this weekend project.