Caring for Your Satin Pillow Cases

Satin pillow cases are made from a softer and more delicate fabric than cotton pillow cases, so they must be cleaned and cared for in a different way. The satin material can’t be subjected to just any type of heat or detergent. It needs to be cared for delicately in the washer and when it’s time to dry. In order to allow these pillow cases to look fresh and stay intact, you need to care for them properly and always wash them correctly.

Step 1-Remove and Turn Inside Out

First you need to remove the pillow case from the pillow and turn it inside out. Doing this will help preserve the satin side of the pillow case.

Step 2-Bag the Pillow Cases

To help preserve the satin pillow cases even more, you should place them individually in a bag, such as a mesh or a lingerie bag. These bags will help keep them from clumping together and unraveling. If you don’t have one of these, you can put them separately in a cotton pillow case. Tie the cotton pillow case off with a string or rubber band to close it up.

Step 3-Delicately Wash Pillow Cases

Use a gentle laundry detergent to ensure that the color and the material stays intact while washing. A harsh laundry detergent could ruin the color of the satin pillow cases. It is best to always use something that states it is used for a gentle wash. Set the washer to either a delicate or a gentle cycle and place the pillow cases inside the washer.

Step 4-Hang Dry

Don’t dry the pillow cases in the dryer, because the heat could possibly ruin the material. Hang them on a clothing line, over a shower rod or even lay them flat on a table or washing machine to dry.

Step 5-Iron When Needed

After the pillow cases have dried, all you may have to do is shake them out a few times to fluff them up and get rid of any stiffness that they might have from being air dried. After they’re completely dried, you can use a steam iron to remove wrinkles. Use the iron on the low setting so it won’t burn the material, and don’t iron the pillow cases on the satin side.

Satin pillow cases always need to be handled with care. You should never try to wash them like you would a cotton one, because of the chance that it could fall apart and start to bump up. Make sure that you always wash them separately inside something else and that you moderate the amount of heat used. You want to be able to enjoy these pillow cases for a long time, so you need to care for them appropriately, to ensure they are clean, sanitary and look as good as new for years to come.