Caring For Your Zen Garden

Caring for your zen garden can be just as fulfilling and peaceful as creating one. Proper care will ensure that your zen garden is a refuge, whether you have a large sweeping garden or a tiny desktop version.

Protecting Your Zen Garden

Zen gardens do not generally mix well with pets and small children. Protecting it from pets and children will be easier if you locate your zen garden in an appropriate spot, where you will be able to enjoy it in peace.

Weeds could also ruin your Zen garden’s peaceful atmosphere. The easiest way to prevent weeds is to place a weed retainer within the zen garden soil or mold, and then cover it with gravel or sand.  

Zen Garden Maintenance

Some zen garden enthusiasts are constantly raking the gravel or sand in long, curving strokes. You can change the pattern as many times as you like, as long as you have at least 5cm of sand to work with. Shallow sand will start to look unsightly after a couple of days.

A zen garden that is kept clean and free of clutter will accentuate the placement of carefully chosen objects.  Don’t be scared to change your zen garden items or raking patterns, adapt it to suit your mood and desires.