Carpenter Tool Bag Materials - Leather Better Than Nylon?

Carpenter tools.

A carpenter tool bag needs to handle wear and tear. Tools can have sharp edges, which can cut. Tools can be heavy, requiring a strong fabric. There are two major materials that are great for carpenter tool bags: leather and nylon.


Nylon is cheaper than leather, and is known to be able to take a beating. Nylon is considered more durable. Nylon is a strong fabric that will be able to take the wear and tear of sharp tools being thrown around. Having a nylon carpenter tool bag is generally the best choice for a tool bag for those who are looking for function.


Leather often costs more than nylon, making the carpenter tool bag more expensive. Leather is also heavier than nylon. While leather may give off a good look, it is not the most practical for a carpenter tool bag. Those who are more worried about the look and feel of the carpenter tool bag may want to purchase a leather carpenter tool bag.