Carpet Padding Types

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Carpet padding is often overlooked by consumers when purchasing carpets. However, many experts in the industry would argue that the padding that you choose for your carpet is just as important as the carpet itself. There are many different types of carpet padding that are available on the market today. Here are a few of the basic types of carpet padding and what each one brings to the table.


One of the most popular types of carpet padding is rebonded. Rebond's been used in homes for many years successfully. With this type of pad, you are essentially getting many small pieces of recycled foam pad attached together. Manufacturers will take foam from inside furniture and a used carpet pad, clean it, and then use it to manufacture a new pad. The small pieces of the pad are held together with an adhesive and a mesh sheet on the top. This pad represents the vast majority of carpet padding that is on the market.

The good thing about this type of padding is that it is environmentally friendly. It provides manufacturers with a way to reuse old foam padding in a new application. The main drawback of this type of pad is that it is not very durable. You should expect to get 5 to 10 years at the most out of this type of pad. In high-traffic areas, the adhesive will break down between the pieces of foam and it will start to come apart. Therefore, you are left with hollow areas below your carpet where you can feel the subfloor. This type of pad comes in different densities such as 4#, 6#, and 8#. Typically, this is going to be the least expensive option to put in your home.

Rubber Pad

Another option that you have is to go with rubber padding. Rubber has been used as a carpet padding material for many years as well. It was previously commonly made in a waffle pattern. However, most manufacturers have got away from the style of padding. Most of the time in today's market, the rubber pad is going to be mostly flat with small ridges on the top. A rubber pad will be more expensive than rebonding however it will wear much better. Many rubber pads in the market carry with them a lifetime warranty because of their superior durability. Many people put this type of pad under Berber or commercial carpets. It would also be a good choice on a staircase or hallway.

Prime Urethane

Another popular type of carpet padding is prime urethane. This is a relatively new option in the flooring market. However, it is superior to other types of pad in almost every way. It is very soft underfoot and resilient. Many of these pads also carry with them a lifetime warranty. In addition to being durable, many of these paths are treated with chemicals in order to prevent mold or mildew from growing in them. Therefore, this is often going to be your cleanest option for carpet padding. In most cases, this is going to be the most expensive padding option that you have.