Carpet Repair: How to Avoid Carpet Bunching Up

What You'll Need
Knee kicker
Power stretcher
Utility knife

When it comes to learning carpet repair, how to keep the carpet from bunching up is valuable knowledge to have. Many times, after a certain amount of time, the carpet can bunch up and start to look bad. Here are the basics of how to avoid carpet bunching up.

Step 1- Stretch with Power Stretcher

When the carpet is bunched up, the first thing that you need to do is stretch it with a power stretcher. The power stretcher is a device that goes across the room and pulls the carpet both directions to stretch it out. You will use leverage in order to press down on the lever and stretch the carpet.

Step 2- Knee Kicker

Once you get to the edge of the wall, you need to use a knee kicker to continue stretching the carpet. A knee kicker is a device that grips the carpet and allows you to kick it with your knee to stretch it. This helps you stretch the carpet up over the tack strip along the wall.

Step 3- Cut Off Excess

In some cases, you have excess carpet along the wall after stretching. Take a utility knife and cut this off.