Carpet Restretching Tips

Carpets tend to lose some of their durability over time, and carpet restretching is required to enhance their original appearance. A power stretcher can be used to ‘tighten’ it to ensure its threads remain taut, not get wrinkles, and enhance the life of the carpet. A carpet can be restretched at your home, using a knee kicker and a power stretcher. You need to investigate how to operate the two instruments either online, or asking friends who are acquainted with their functionality.

Carpet restretching using a power stretcher begins at the wall and stretches towards the center of the carpet, stretching smaller sections. The carpet must be hooked to a tack strip before puling and stretching it. The process has to be repeated over the entire area of the carpet, and after which it has to be restarted starting from the center and moving on towards the walls. The knee kicker comes in when you need to reach tricky areas, such as corners and built-in cabinets. Your knee is used to push the kicker, the teeth of which are dug into the carpet, to stretch it.

The carpet near the baseboards needs to be trimmed, and its sides need to be cut. A regular knife can be used for this. Finally, the edges of the carpet need to go inside the tack strip using the carpet cutter.