Carpet Seam Placement: 3 Tips

carpet roller over seams with contrasting natural colors
  • Beginner

When you know that a carpet seam is unavoidable in a room, you need to plan where to place it. Proper planning when it comes to seams will help you prevent any problems from the seam in the future. Here are a few tips for choosing the proper carpet seam placement.

1. With the Light

When installing the carpet, you will want as much as possible, to try and run the carpet seam with the direction of the light. This will minimize the appearance of the seam. If you run the carpet against the direction of the lighting, the light will cast a shadow across the seam and it will be more visible.

2. Traffic

When you are deciding where to run the seams, try and consider where the highest traffic areas are going to be. You do not want to put the seams under a heavy traffic area if you can avoid it. Try and choose an area that will not be heavily walked on as it will help the seams look better longer.

3. Furniture

You should also look at the room layout and decide where the furniture is most likely to set. For example, if you can run a seam underneath a large entertainment center or under a couch, you will likely never see the seam at all.