Carport Cover Replacement: 3 Tips

curved carport ceiling

Because many carports are intended to be used temporarily, when the carport cover is worn or damaged it is almost always easier and less expensive to replace it than to replace the entire carport. If you need to replace your carport and have never tackled this type of project you may benefit from the information below.

1. Determine Your Carport Cover Size

Because there are no standard size carport covers, you will need to know what size your carport is before you order its replacement cover. Measure your existing cover and keep this information handy to give your new cover provider.

2. Re-order from the Same Manufacturer

When ordering a carport cover, you will most likely need to order parts that will be needed for your new cover. Parts made by most manufacturer are proprietary. That is, their parts fit only their own covers. This means, if you order your cover from a manufacturer that is different from your current cover manufacturer you will likely need to buy all new parts.

3. New Cover Alternatives

Carport covers may be more expensive than you've anticipated. Before purchasing a new one, check out some you may find for sale online. You may find the model and size that fits your carport but at a much lower price.