Casement Windows

Defined as a window that is connected to its frame by a series of hinges, casement windows were once a common sight in many homes. However, the development of double hung windows quickly replaced the casement window in neighborhoods across the country.

Operating the window can be accomplished through the use of a crank, lever, or cam handle. This hardware in a casement window actually serves a dual purpose as it not only operates the window, but functions as a locking mechanism as well. Today, most casement windows are operated by a lever, located at the bottom of the window. Locking mechanisms located in the hardware help keep the window open in windy conditions.

These windows are most commonly found today as either single or double units, although other variations are available. As with double-hung windows, double pane glazing is the most common choice followed by triple pane and then single pane.

Despite the increase in the use of double hung windows, casement windows are still a popular choice among homeowners, architects, and contractor’s alike.