Cat Poop in the Garden: How to Keep Cats Out

White cat smelling a miniature rose bush
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If you are tired of finding cat poop in your garden, do not worry; there are things you can try to deter cats from entering your yard. The following list covers ten effective treatments you can implement to discourage cats from coming into your yard.

1. Go Commercial

Visit your local nursery; here you can buy several commercial products designed to prevent cats from ruining your garden.

2. Go Old School

Moth balls can be used to repel cats.

3. Turn to Oil

The scent of Olbas Oil is said to be offensive to cats.

4. Rely on Pine


Use several layers of pine cones around the border of your garden.

5. Plant Natural

Cats dislike geraniums, marigolds and petunias. Try planting them throughout your garden to keep the cats at bay.

6. Acknowledge Cats Abhor Water

Scare the cats away with a motion activated sprinkler.

7. Try a Non-Companion

Owning an outdoor cat or dog always discourages vagrant animals from entering your property.

8. Cover it up

Raking gravel

Cover bare soil with gravel or recycled rubber to prevent cats from digging.

9. Scent the Air

Planting lavender in your garden is said to completely repel cats from an area. Although the scent of lavender is delightful to many humans, cats hate it.

10. Pre Spray Urine

Distributing the urine of another animal in your garden is said to be the most effective method of eradicating unwanted cats. Coyote and other animal urines are packaged and sold as deterrents. Cats are less likely to defecate in an area where another animal has already “marked its territory.”