CD and DVD Recycling

Considering the amount of electronic waste one generates today, it has become imperative to find feasible means of recycling them. Most of us use CDs and DVDs in abundance. These portable storage mediums have metals such as silver, aluminum and even gold in them. Rest of the disc is made up of polycarbonate plastic. The plastic component of CDs and DVDs is not recyclable or bio-degradable, but the metal part can easily be recycled. If you are just discarding them, you are not only wasting precious natural resources, but also polluting the environment. When discarded inappropriately, polycarbonate plastic releases a harmful compound called Bisphenol A into its surroundings. Burning the discs produces toxic fumes, which is again harmful for our environment.

To discard or recycle CDs or DVDs, use any of the following means:

Local authorities have electronic waste management systems in place. Hand over all the electronic waste to them, which will be taken care of appropriately.

Find out if any private companies are into electronic waste management. These companies buy waste products to extract metals and other useful components from them.

The best method is to use CDs and DVDs for making decorative objects such as letter holders and lamps.

Funky jewelry can be made out of broken pieces of CDs. Try to use your imagination and create such pieces for yourself. You can also turn this into a successful business venture.