Cedar Closeline Pole vs Metal Closeline Pole

Climbing energy prices and concern for the environment have driven thousands of people to exchange their mechanical clothes dryers for an old-fashioned outdoor clothesline pole. Air-dried clothes smell fresher, last longer, and cause less strain on the environment than mechanically dried clothes. However, putting a clothesline in your yard will almost always require you to install at least one clothesline pole. When you install this pole, you will have to choose between wood and metal.


Wooden clothesline poles are the most natural form of clothesline poles. Trees were the original clothesline poles, and wooden clothesline poles will maintain that natural appearance. Generally, cedar is considered to be the best wood to use for a clothesline pole. A wooden clothesline pole should be pressure-treated to allow it to resist the effects of weather. Otherwise, the wood will be prone to rotting and will only last a couple of years.


Metal clothesline poles may seem out of place, but they bring numerous advantages. Metal is generally stronger than wood and can last much, much longer. It will also be less likely to break under the weight of wet clothes on the clothes line. Metal also can be prefabricated and purchased at a retail store, making them easier for a do-it-yourselfer to install. Metal should always be primed or sealed to prevent rust developing from the exposure to the elements.

Clotheslines present unique challenges, but they also provide unique advantages over a standard clothes dryer. As you install your clothesline poles and string a line between them, you can look forward to many years of savings and naturally breeze-dried clothes.