Cedar Closet Maintenance And Care

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  • 1 hours
  • Beginner
  • 5-40
What You'll Need
Electric buffer
Soft cloth
Carnauba wax
Sand paper

A cedar closet can be a beautiful and efficient way to store things in your home. Cedar Closets have a beautiful aroma that repels moths, but with time the smell fades and the finish gets dull. There are things you can keep your closet beautiful and smelling great.

Basic Cleaning Methods

First you need to take everything out of the cedar closet. This will keep cleaning products off your things and make your work easier.

Dusting is an important part of maintaining the closet. The best way to do this is to use the brash attachment of your vacuum and run it over every part of the closet, inside and out. Dusting products that contain wax aren’t recommended for use with a cedar closet because that cause problems when it comes time to refinish your closet.

To remove any naturally built up wax on the closet, you can use an oil soap cleaner with a soft rag. Using a soft cloth to clean with will keep the wood from being scratched. If your closet is an antique you should talk to an antique expert about cleaning before hand to make sure that the products you use aren’t damaging to your closet.

To Wax Your Closet

There are specific waxes that you can use on your closet to make them glow and shine. Again, talk to your antique furniture expert before using anything, but one such wax that is often used is carnauba wax. This is a light weight paste that will even out and fill in any cracks and also protects your cedar closet. It’s important to read the directions, and use a very soft cloth. As with any finish you have used, you need to put the wax on with the grain; never against it.

You can use an electric buffer to amp up the shine, but make sure it is set on the very lowest setting and use a very soft shammy. If your arms can take it, it’s best to do buff it manually with your shammy.

Revive the Cedar Aroma

To renew the cedar smell in your closet, start with your basic cleaning. Vacuum with the soft brush attachment and then wipe the closet down with a damp (water only) clean soft rag. Once the closet is completely dry, use a piece of sandpaper to sand down all the wood in your closet. You will start to notice that the smell of your closet will re-emerge. Again, using an electric sander will probably be too much for the wood, so do this manually.

Once you’ve finished sanding, remove the wood dust with the vacuum and then if you don’t plan to wax or buff you can put your clothes back inside of the cedar closet.

Environment Maintenance

There are few things that can damage your closet, even though Cedar is a strong wood. Temperature and humidity are two such culprits. Keep your home at around room temperature all year round, to avoid moisture damage and warping. Rapid changes in temperature can also damage the closet by creating cracks in the finish and wood. If anything ever spills on the wood, wipe it up immediately and allow to dry.