Cedar Shingle Siding Maintenance

Cedar shingle siding can beatify your home, but before installing it consider that it will more maintenance than other types of home siding. The most common of these cedar shingle siding problems is moisture damage that can be caused by moisture seeping through even the smallest cracks in the surface of the wood shingles. Refer to the information below to preserve the beauty and life of your cedar shingle siding. Cleaning your Siding

To properly maintain your cedar siding you will need to keep it free as possible from dirt, mold, mildew and insects. This can be done most effectively and easily by washing it with a pressure washer. Since this cleaning procedure is advisable to administer at regular intervals, it might pay you to have your own spray washer on hand. Otherwise, you can usually rent one from a local hardware store or home improvement center.

Using a Pressure Washer

You can avoid damage caused by using a pressure sprayer at settings that are too high and are more likely to damage the softer cedar wood in your shingles. Lower settings will help avoid this type of damage. One effective and inexpensive cleaning solution that will work effectively is one made up of cleaning detergent and a small amount of liquid bleach, mixed with water.

Replace Worn or Damaged Shingles

Cedar shingles are vulnerable to moisture and severe weather conditions such as high winds and ice. Inevitably, conditions such as these will, in time, damage some of your siding shingles. When this happens you can easily replace these damaged shingles if you keep a supply of them on hand.

Other Potential Sources of Damage

You will find that in addition to weather damage, there are other types of damage you can avoid by inspecting your siding and taking steps to avoid and repair this damage. These include:

  • Clogged Downspouts – by keeping them free of dirt and debris, you can avoid excessive amounts of rainwater from damaging your siding
  • Tree Branches – when trimmed away from your house siding, you can keep these branches from brushing against your vulnerable siding
  • Fungi and Mold – spores that can that can thrive in damp places in your siding should be removed whenever they begin to grow on your siding.
  • Excessively Dry Shingles – use oil or sealant to keep your shingles from drying

Woodpecker Damage

Neighborhood woodpeckers can often be a potential source of damage to your cedar shingle siding. When present, these birds will search inside wood for insects they can eat. This can result in their pecking holes or splitting your cedar shingles. But you can discourage these birds from visiting your wood siding by hanging wind chimes or aluminum tie pins near your siding. A second method of keeping these birds away from your siding is to hang suet nearby in a wire basket. This will attract woodpeckers to the suet and away from your siding.