Cedar Shingle Siding Repair: How to Replace a Shingle

What You'll Need
Crow bar
Replacement Shingles
Roofing Nails

A cedar shingle siding is something which most people can be proud of and enjoy, as it is a very beautiful surface that will keep out wind and rain for many years to come. However, as with all shingle sidings, parts of the shingle may become loosened by strong winds or a severe rain storm. These can look unattractive, but you don't need to worry, as small numbers of shingles can be easily replaced, so long as you have some spare shingle siding and a few hours of time.

Step 1 - Remove the Old Shingles

When parts of a cedar shingle siding come away during a heavy rain storm, you may find that some of the shingles remain in parts on the exterior. Get up close to the shingles, and look at the siding. If any part seems damaged, then use the crow bar to pry off the pieces which have been damaged. Lift them up from the bottom edge. You will also need to remove the shingles from the section above the ones you intend to replace, so that you can see the nails, and the total amount of damage to the shingles being removed. Take out the old nails, either by prying them off, or by sawing through the base of the nail using a hacksaw. If the shingle has come away completely, just saw through the nail and lift off.

Step 2 - Add the New Shingle

Once you have finished removing all of the damaged shingles, you can replace them by adding the spare ones. Put the shingle into the same place as the rest, and then move it forward around an inch or so. The bottom of the new shingle should be out of sync with the other shingles in the same row.

Step 3 - Nail the Shingle

With the shingle in place, nail the shingle in two places, the top two corners, taking care not to strike the shingles above, as you may break them. The nails should end up sitting close to the new shingles, but not pressing into them. Hammer the shingle into position by tapping it with the hammer. Tap gently, so that you don't touch the other shingles accidentally and damage them.

Step 4 - Finish Up

Push the new shingle into line with the rest, until the nails are in place and hidden by the higher layer of shingles. Press a piece of wood against the bottom of the shingle as you tap the nails home in order to prevent the shingle from being damaged, and use this to push the shingle up towards the rest. When you have finished, you should not be able to tell the new shingle from the rest.