Ceiling Tile Art Ideas for Kids

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What You'll Need
Paint brushes
Permanent markers

Ceiling tile art is a great way to get children involved in decorating their own rooms because it allows the creative mind to flow. The kids will have fun personalizing their spaces. Here are three ceiling tile art ideas for kids.

Ceiling Tile Art With Paint

Kids love to paint; few things are more fun for them than expressing their creativity with a little free paint time. There doesn’t have to be any specific agenda. Splatter painting is always fun, but if you want to keep the mess down using a brush to dab on color and draw out designs works wonders too.

Ceiling Tile Art With Autographs

Kids that are a little older really have a lot of fun with this type of ceiling art. It can be a long-term kind of project too. Let their friends autograph their ceiling with either permanent markers or paint. Since it may require standing on a stool or chair, it should always be completed under adult supervision.

Ceiling Tile Art With Photos

Children love all those photos of their friends. What better way to enjoy them then to allow the kids to make a ceiling collage out of them? You can glue, tape, or staple them depending on the type of ceiling in the room.