Cement and Concrete Patio Repair

What You'll Need
Concrete mix
Acid cleaner
Garden hose
Caulk gun
Screwdriver or chisel
Steel wire brush
Dust mask
Protective eyewear

Concrete patio repair will help maintain the beauty of your patio. Most repair work will involve attending to cracks in the patio. You may also have to fill in holes or depressions. These are often caused by water, root growth, or stress from an uneven subsurface. It is best to undertake patio repair early enough. This will help prevent more extensive damage and larger scale of repairs. It will also help you save on maintenance costs. Below are some general steps in repairing cement and concrete patios.

Step 1 – Inspection

Carefully inspect the entire patio area to determine spots that need repair. This will help you estimate how many epoxies you’ll need for the job. A thorough inspection will also give you a good indication of the extent of damage present. If the damage seems more serious than you thought, it is best to consult a professional. Simple cracks and holes can be fixed on your own. However, some damage may indicate a more serious problem, which is best attended to by a professional. Epoxies can be purchased from a home improvement store or concrete dealer.

Step 2 – Smoothed Tapered Edges

Cracks or holes tend to have tapered edges. You need to alter these edges before you fill in the faulty area. This will help the filled in material to join better with the immediate surface area. Use a screwdriver or chisel to smooth edges.

Step 3 – Cleaning

Use a steel wire brush to clean the faulty area of loose concrete and debris. You’ll then need to wash the entire patio surface. It is best to use a garden hose for cleaning. Allow the patio to dry, then apply an acid cleaner to the areas worked on. This will help the new concrete to attach firmly to the existing concrete.

Step 4 – Apply Epoxy

Use a caulk gun to apply epoxy into all the repair areas. Insert the epoxy tube into the gun to allow easy application. Be sure to give the epoxy time to dry completely.

Step 5 – Prepare Patching Mixture

Mix the concrete patching mixture according to instructions. This will give you the right consistency and assure a proper job.

Step 6 – Apply Concrete Mixture

Apply the mixture to the faulty areas. Be sure to create an even surface as you apply. Smooth all areas quickly as the concrete mixture dries fast.

Step 7 – Allow to Dry

Give enough time for the repaired patio to dry thoroughly before you use it.


Select a day when the weather is cool for the repair work. Avoid patio repair work on hot, windy, cloudy or freezing days. This weather will cause the concrete mixture to dry too quickly. Windy days will also increase dust motion. Cloudy days will inhibit proper drying of parched area. Should strong sunlight emerge as you work, cover the repair areas with a tarp.