Ceramic vs Copper Bird Bath

A copper bird bath makes a beautiful addition to a yard and are a great way to attract birds, butterflies, and dragonflies. They can be used for bird watching, or they can be used as a yard or garden ornament. Bird baths are made with many different materials, including concrete, plastic, clay, metal, brass, copper, and ceramic. This page will concentrate on the differences between bird baths made from copper and ceramic.

Copper Bird Baths

Copper is fairly easy to work with and can be made into many different types of designs. It is sleek looking, and light reflects off of the copper, which gives off many hues of color. Copper blends in well with the many colors of a garden.

Copper is one of the better mediums for making outdoor ornaments, as it is not easily damaged and is easy to clean. Copper bird baths can be moved from one location to another easily, as they are lightweight. The base for a copper bird bath is usually made of cast iron. You can also add a heater to a copper bird bath in colder climates.

There are a huge amount of copper bird bath designs on the market. You can purchase them made of copper only, or you can buy them made from copper combined with ornamental accessories. The sizes generally range from 12 to 24 inches in diameter.

Ceramic Bird Baths

Bird baths made from ceramic can be very ornamental, inventive, and beautiful. As many of the ceramic bird baths are handcrafted, no two will be exactly the same.  Each will be unique in texture and color. A bird bath made from ceramic can be very plain or they can be a beautiful piece of art. Ceramic bird baths are fairly heavy, usually weighing between 10 to 20 pounds. They can be easily damaged and will look their age over time with chips and cracks. Ceramic is made from clay that is fired, so it will not require a lot of maintenance other than the usual cleaning.

The Differences between Copper and Ceramic Bird Baths

Both copper and ceramic bird baths are easy to care for, come in a hanging and floor models, and can be plain or ornamental. The main differences would be in the aesthetic appeal, the weight, and how long they will last.

Copper is very lightweight in comparison to ceramic, and it will last much longer than ceramic, as it is not prone to chipping and cracking and does not get brittle over time. However, ceramic can be much more ornamental than copper, as ceramic artists can create the bird baths in just about any color or combination of colors and add many ornaments on or within the design or paint a design onto the ceramic. You can find ceramic bird baths in just about any color and design imaginable, whereas copper is limited in color choices.

Copper is much more luxurious and rich looking than ceramic. Copper is very sleek in appearance and when situated in the sun, and it tends to give off hues of color. Copper bird baths range in price from $90.00 to hundreds of dollars. Ceramic bird baths are comparable in price to copper bird baths, but the more ornate you go, the higher the price. The handcrafted ceramic bird baths are more costly. Ceramic bird baths can range in price from $35.00 to hundreds of dollars.