Chain Link, Wooden or Plastic Fence?

When enclosing your backyard, garden or pool area for safety or aesthetic purposes, choose between a wooden, chain link or plastic fence. Choose fencing material that is durable, as a yard or garden fence should last several years without having to be replaced.

Plastic Fence

Pros: Plastic is durable and does not deteriorate easily. These fences are available in various colors, and they will retain their color well for several years. They do not need painting unlike other fence types. Plastic does not collect dirt easily, so cleaning is minimal and easy. The material is lightweight, so installation is simple. Should any damage occur to your plastic fence, repair parts are widely available.

Cons: Plastic fences usually often cost twice as much as other fence types.

Chain Link Fence

Pros: Chain link is relatively inexpensive and will effectively keep out larger animals. Maintenance is minimal, and a chain link is very durable and will last for years.

Cons: The wire mesh structure is not particularly attractive and provides minimal privacy. However, you can grow small shrubs or climbing plants over the fence to conceal the wire mesh and improve privacy.

Wooden Fence

Pros: Many different wood types are available for fencing purposes, giving you flexibility in choosing according to your budget and style preferences. You can easily install a wooden fence yourself and therefore save on costs. Repair and replacement parts are inexpensive and very easy to acquire, and you can even add gates and railings. Decorate your wooden fence with homemade flower boxes.

Cons: Maintenance presents more of a challenge with wooden fences. Wood is not very durable and is susceptible to infections by insects and weather. You must regularly apply sealant to protect and maintain the fence, and even apply fresh paint, which may chip over time.