Chainsaw Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting chainsaw problems will help keep your chainsaw in good working for many years to come. Making sure that your chainsaw is in top shape is also an important safety consideration.

The two most common chainsaw problems to troubleshoot are a crooked cutting chain and a quickly dulling chain.

Crooked Cutting Chain

First, check to make sure that the bar and sprocket are in good shape. Next, check to see if your chain is sharper on one side than the other. Also determine if the chain is longer on one of its sides. Either of these conditions will cause pulling to one side. These problems can be solved by refiling the chain to restore the cutter to a more uniform consistency and reset the gauges for depth as well.

Quickly Dulling Chain

If the cutting edges are thin or feathered, this may be being caused by the file handle being held too low, or the file being pressed down upon too hard. If the sprocket is at the wrong pitch, worn or misaligned, the chain may become worn or dull more quickly. Make sure to check the sprocket for wear and tear, and also to make sure that it is the correct size.