Chair/Ottoman Upkeep Made Easy

Keeping your chair/ottoman looking good is all about upkeep and maintenance. While there are seemingly endless amounts of ways to do so, these few steps will give you the best upkeep possible.

What you Need:

•Leather Cleaner

Step 1 – Vacuum the Ottoman

If you have a fabric ottoman, you are going to want to vacuum the ottoman first. You want to make sure that you remove all of the dust. This is a step that should be done every few days. This ensures that no dust is on the ottoman for too long. You can also dust and vacuum the leather ottomans, but they do not trap as much dust as fabric.

Step 2 – Clean the Ottoman

Cleaning the ottoman is important. If you have a leather ottoman, use a simple solution to clean the ottoman of dirt and grime. If you have a fabric ottoman and chair, simply take the fabric and spot treat any of the stains.

Step 3 – Care for the Leather

If you have a leather ottoman, you need to make sure that you are caring for the leather. There are specific cleaners that are created for leather alone. By using this cleaner, you are keeping the leather (and the protective coating) as strong as possible. This will help to keep the grime and dust from actually harming the fabric or furniture.

Step 4 – Wax the Ottoman

If you have a leather ottoman, you should wax the ottoman occasionally. This does not need to be done often, and may only need to be done once a year (or every few years, depending on wear and tear). Waxing the ottoman will help to remove small scratches and defects, making the surface stronger than ever.

Step 5 – Shampoo the Ottoman

If you have a fabric ottoman, waxing the ottoman or chair is not an option. What you can do, however, is shampoo the ottoman. If you have a carpet shampoo machine, you can do this as regularly as you would like. If not, try to rent one at least once a year to shampoo the ottoman. This will help to remove the dirt and grime, making the ottoman look as good as new.

Caring for a chair/ottoman combination is important. This can help you to keep a clean look, but will also help you to keep the furniture safe. The cleaner you keep these pieces of furniture, the longer their life will be. The steps are simple, making it easy to keep up your ottoman and chair.