Chandeliers Made of Household Items

Unique Chandeliers
A chandelier hanging up.

A good chandelier can either make or break a room. But instead of busting your budget on a new — and expensive — piece, making a chandelier out of household items can really infuse a unique look into your home. Here are 5 chandeliers any DIYer can build out of household items that are one-of-a-kind conversation starters.

Plastic Bottle Chandelier
A chandelier made of plastic bottles.

Recycling plastic bottles can create a beautiful chandelier suitable for any room in the house. Depending on how large you want the chandelier, you will likely need dozens of bottles to complete this project. The only part of the bottle that will be used is the bottom portion. Begin by cutting off the bottoms of the bottles using scissors. Then attach the pieces together using string to create several different sections, each one varying in length, or make it into a round, circle pattern. Suspend the sections on a metal ring and attach a light source in the middle. You can add as many sections as you want, depending on how big you want the chandelier.

Photo via Foter.

Rustic Tree Branch Chandelier
A rustic tree branch chandelier.

Making a chandelier out of a rustic tree branch is a really easy way to add a unique element to the room. Start by acquiring an old tree branch that has enough strength to hold a collection of lights. You can suspend the tree branch from the ceiling using wire or chain, and then hang lights across the branch. The great part about this chandelier is that you can use any kind of lighting source you want, including old mason jars or bottles. Just make sure that the branch is strong enough to take the weight of the material. You can also use recycled wood for this project and add an assortment of metal pieces to give it a more rustic look.

Image via VIP Works.

Bottle Chandelier
A chandelier made of old bottles.

Bottle chandeliers can be made from a variety of containers, including old wine bottles. If you are using glass bottles, you need to cut the bottoms off so that you can hang the chandelier from the ceiling. You can do this with a simple glass cutter and some heat. Once the bottom has been removed, insert a wire with a cork to secure the chandelier to the ceiling. Arrange the bottles in a circle around the light source. Using different colored bottles can create a more interesting look. If you do not want to cut the bottom of the glass bottles, you can secure them using a piece of wood.

Photo via archiproducts.

Kitchen Items Chandelier
A light fixture made of whisks.

A chandelier made out of kitchen materials like old wire whisks, a cheese grater, a colander, or even silverware can create some interesting shadows on the wall. All you need to make a chandelier out of whisks is a collection of old wire whisks, a light source, and a metal ring to suspend the whisks. Start by hanging the whisks by their ends though the ring. Space out the whisks and vary them based on size. Attach the light source in the middle of the whisk arrangement and suspend it from the ceiling via a wire or chain. You can make this chandelier as small or as large as you like. If you do not have enough whisks, you can always find more at a local flea market or garage sale. You can also hang the whisks next to each other instead of connecting them for a unique take on pendant lighting. 

Photo via Pinterest

Mason Jar Chandelier
A colorful mason jar chandelier.

Old mason jars can make excellent chandeliers that will add a more rustic look to your home. Start by cleaning the mason jars and removing the lids. You will need to find some kind of basket, preferably a wire framed one, to hold the jars and suspend them in the air. You can paint the wire basket whatever color you like. Place the jars inside the basket and place a light source inside. If you want to make this into an outdoor chandelier, add some solar lights. Suspend the basket using wire or chain, making sure it is securely attached to the ceiling. For more of an arts and crafts look, you can paint the mason jars and hang them in a circle. This also results in a more colorful chandelier. 

Photo via Tumblr.