Changing a Filter on a Water Filtration System

water filter with plumbing tools in sink

A home water filtration system allows you to have pure fresh water from your faucets on demand.

Types of filters

There are several types of filters including activated carbon, metallic alloy and reverse osmosis. They all have different filters and methods of replacement.

Here are the filter replacement procedures for two of the most popular residential water filtration systems.

Under Sink Type

Turn off the water supply to the filter. Release pressure in the filter body by turning on the faucet or pressing the release button, if fitted. Place a bowl under the sump. Remove it with the wrench that was supplied with the unit. Save the ‘O’ ring seal. Remove the old cartridge and wash the sump with hot soapy water. Rinse well and fit the new filter and the ‘O’ ring. Re-fit the sump. If you have more than one sump, replace the other filters in the same way. Turn the water supply to the filter back on carefully until water is running from the faucet. Turn off the faucet and check for leaks. Clear any loose carbon particles from the filter by running the water for five minutes.

Reverse Osmosis Type

A reverse osmosis filter has three filter housings. Turn off the water supply to the filter. Ease pressure in the unit by turning on the faucet. Using the housing wrench that came with the unit, remove the first housing and replace the filter. Do the same for the second and third housings. Turn on the water supply to the filter and let the faucet run for a little while. Check for leaks.