Changing the Spool on a Weed Eater

Changing a spool of weed eater cutting line takes a few short steps, once the machine is unplugged or had the spark plug removed (for gas-powered weed eaters only) - this is an important first step for safety. Have your replacement line and your user’s manual close by.

Start at the Top

Screw off the top of the covering once tilting the device so that the weed eater's bottom is facing up. This will give easy access to the spool, which should be removed and the area cleaned out once the top is removed.


Run off about 25 feet of replacement line to be placed on the spool. Place one end of the line into the center hole on the weed eater spool and coil the line around the spool snugly and as evenly as possible. Once all the line is coiled around the spool, leave about 5 inches sticking out when the spool is put back into the weed eater. This line will be fed through the end and form the cutting surface.


Once the spool is back on, replace the cap covering the line and make sure that the end of the cutting line is fed through properly. Then plug the machine in or put the spark plug back in and get back to trimming.