Characteristics of Open Plan Home Artchitecture Design

Open plan home architecture design features large open spaces, eliminating the creation of rooms and other small enclosed areas within a home. Open designs are a big hit in contemporary design because they rely on less materials for the build. This also increases the energy efficiency of the home since there are less walls and obstructions to impede the flow of air and heat.

Characteristics of an Open Plan Home Design

The characteristics of an open plan home architecture design include wide open spaces that foster interaction and communication. In an open plan home, there are no barriers between people and the flow of air is unimpeded. An open plan home architecture is borrowed from the open floor plans that many offices and buildings adopted as early as the 1950s with the sea of cubicles in an “open farm” system.

The Benefits of an Open Plan Home Design

Using an open plan home architecture works well for the environmentally conscious home builder that sees a place that is the most environmentally and energy efficient. The benefit of this design type for the homeowner is in a lower cost for materials needed for the build and more flexibility in how to use space.