A chase is a small, enclosed space which is used to accommodate piping, duct-work, or other utilities in home or building construction. A chase is usually built within a wall or ceiling, and isn’t visible to the eye, although sometimes a chase protrudes from a wall, due to structural necessity.

Most common use of a chase

A chase is most commonly used for plumbing applications, since piping needs to go all throughout the home. Where electrical wiring can be snaked through spaces in a home, pipes often need their own passageway, or chase, to accommodate them. A chase will often go through a wall and have an access panel, so that the pipes can be repaired where there are shut-offs or drainage faucets.

In duct work, a chase needs to be created likewise, throughout the house, similar to a plumbing chase. A duct chase will need to be larger, and is often created above a dropped ceiling.

A chase is also necessary in putting in a chimney. This kind of chase is not surprisingly called a chimney chase.