Cheap Alternatives to Foam Board Insulation

Foam board insulation is highly desirable because it generally has a high thermal resistance or R value. Unfortunately, insulation with high R values usually comes with a high price tag. Most foam insulation has higher R values than other insulation types, so it may not be possible to find a non-foam alternative to traditional foam board that will meet your energy-saving needs. But all is not lost: a few innovations have made it possible to buy quality insulation that is also affordable.

Use Recycled Foam Board

One of the newest innovations in the insulation industry is not a true innovation, but a return to the sensible practice of “waste not, want not.” More companies are beginning to sell foam board insulation that has been reclaimed from demolished houses and landfills. This is good for the earth, for your wallet and for your future heating and cooling costs.

Use Spray Foam, But Do the Work Yourself

Spray foam insulation can initially be more expensive than foam board insulation. Spray foam is most commonly applied by a professional technician.

Thankfully, this is changing because of the advent of do-it-yourself spray foam insulating kits. Several companies now make and market these kits. These companies often offer telephone customer support and environmentally friendly foams.

With some research, it is possible to find economical alternatives to traditional new foam board insulation.