Cheap and Simple Rustic Decor for Your Home

Rustic décor is a simple and inexpensive way to introduce a new design style in your home. Comfortable, cozy and inviting are all words that describe rustic design. With some creativity and a small budget you will be able to duplicate the warm feeling of rustic elements throughout any room in your home.

Choosing Colors

One of the most cost effective ways to create a fresh look for any design style is through paint. In rustic décor it is important to choose the colors for the backdrop of your room very carefully. Rustic design is primarily based on nature, so when choosing colors look for those that reflect the outdoors. Natural colors like beige, brown, rust and dark green will bring a warm and cozy feel to your space.

Making Accessories

Another way to cut costs in a redesign is through accessories. Buying many different accessories can be costly, so rustic design is perfect if you are watching your budget. This design style lends itself to homemade rustic accessories based on items you can find in nature. Tree branches and smaller twigs are excellent items to use for accessories. You can embellish any picture frame with a few tree branches, or place them in a large antique container strategically arranged in a corner of your room, or on your fireplace hearth. Collect acorns and pine cones in your neighborhood, add them to a great glass container and you have the perfect rustic accessory as an accent on your end table. In addition you can place cattails or dried flowers in an antique tackle box for a great statement piece. The list of items that can be repurposed into inexpensive accessories to embellish rustic décor is only limited to your imagination.

Creating a Statement

Using faux wood beams to create a bold statement in your rustic room can be very budget friendly. It is often difficult to differentiate real wood beams from faux wood look-a-likes. So if you are looking for the drama of wood beams without the cost this is the way to go. Faux beams weigh much less than solid wood, so the installation process is simple. You will need two sets of hands, adhesive and a few screws to have them attached to your ceiling in no time. You can also choose from many different colors and finishes to create the exact rustic design you have envisioned for your room. Rustic beams are just another way to develop a warm and inviting feel for anyone coming into your home.

Remember, if you want to create a rustic atmosphere on a budget it can be done. Let your creative juices run, and look to nature for inspiration. Check out your backyard, local parks and nature trails for free woodsy items that you can repurpose into great accessories. You can also visit thrift stores, antique shops and garage sales, to find those unique rustic items that will set your home apart, while creating a cozy atmosphere.