Cheap Braided Rugs: What Material Is Best?

You can create cheap braided rugs with very little effort and perhaps almost no cost using materials that you already have around the house.

Origin of Braided Rugs

Braided rugs were said to have become popular in early American culture. The people would make braided rugs from any scraps of material that they had available to provide warmth on otherwise cold floors.


Almost anything can be used to make braided rugs. Keep in mind that the thinner the material is, the faster the rug will wear. Some materials that are ideal to use include:

  • Denim from old blue jeans is durable and can make quite a unique rug. It will probably last as long as any wool rug.
  • Wool is the most durable of all products that can be used to make cheap braided rugs.
  • Cotton, which seems to be the most popular choice, is very abundant around the house. This type of rug will last for years, but perhaps not as long as a wool rug.
  • Heavy duty string or thread should be used when lacing your rug together to make sure it can endure even the harshest punishment.