Cheap Hose Reel Options

A garden hose reel keeps water hoses coiled and neat. Winding your water hose around a hose reel also helps to keep the hose from becoming kinked or punctured. However, some types of garden hose reels can be very expensive. Here are a few cheap options for hose reels.

Don't Use One at All

Purchase an attractive ceramic planter that is fairly large and will easily allow you to coil your water hose and hide it inside. Not only are they cheap, but they look good in your yard as well.

You can you also use an old truck tire that has been painted or decorated to coil and hide your garden hose. You can find old tires very cheap at tire retread shops and other tire centers. You don't need a functional tire, just one that you can paint. Simply coil the hose along the inside of the tire.

Choose a Manual Rewind Hose Reel

If you're just looking for a basic hose reel that will get the job done, and won’t cost a lot of money, choose a manual rewind hose reel. These simple types of hose reels allow you to manually turn a crank handle on the side of the hose reel to reel in your house. They are by far the cheapest type of hose reels available.