Checking the Recommended Air Pressure for Motorcycle Tires

One of the most important parts of motorcycle maintenance and safety is the proper maintenance of your motorcycle tires. These are some of the most sensitive and delicate systems in the vehicle. The tires need to remain within a certain specific range of air pressure levels.

If they do not, you run the risk of losing a good deal of handling control or of generally causing damage to the vehicle or the tires. Maintain the proper air pressure at all times in order to not only take better care of your vehicle, but also to make sure that your bike is as safe for you to drive at all times as is possible.

How to Check Tire Pressure

Purchase a good tire gauge from a local auto body shop or hardware store. These items are very inexpensive, and should cost you no more than a few dollars. In order to ensure the continued accuracy of the readings that you take, you may even wish to purchase two different types of gauges. This will allow you to compare the results on both systems to be absolutely sure that you're receiving the proper reading.

From an off position, roll the motorcycle until you find the tire input valve on both the front and the back tires. Because many bikes are set up so that it's difficult to see a good portion of the tire at once, you may need to look for this for a little while.

Generally, the valve is on the interior portion of the tire wall itself and is on the left side of the tire. Follow any instructions that come with your tire gauge to insert the gauge into the valve system. The back portion of the gauge will pop out from the main portion of the gauge at a distance that is relative to the total air pressure. You can then read the listing on the gauge to see exactly how much air pressure is in the tire.

Knowing When to Adjust Air Pressure

When you're satisfied with your reading, you'll need to determine whether or not the amount of air pressure in the tire is appropriate for driving or not. If you have too little air pressure, as many motorcycle tires do, you'll be at an increased risk of a tire blowout or other accident-causing incident while driving. If the air pressure is too high, the traction on the tire will wear down too quickly, and you may also be at slightly increased risk of a blowout. In order to determine exactly what the ideal air pressure is for your motorcycle tire, you'll need to consult with the tire manufacturer, as each type of tire varies somewhat.

The air pressure also operates on a range; higher pressures are generally good for those who wish to have a bit better control over the vehicle, while lower pressures are better for those who want to go fast. Still, this should all be done within the range of safe tire pressure levels.