Checklist for Cabin House Plans

Perhaps you have worked hard all of your life and now are getting ready to retire---well pull out some pen and paper and let's create a checklist for some cabin house plans. Your dream of living the simple life can easily be fulfilled by building your get-away cabin.

Deciding on Size

The first thing to consider when working on your checklist for cabin house plans is size. Exactly how big or small do you want your vacation cabin to be? Perhaps a small one-room building is all you want. Or you may want something a bit bigger with separate rooms like a small house.

Some of you may want a cabin with living quarters on the lower level and sleeping quarters above. For example, some cabin plan designs include a sleeping loft. 

Think about how your cabin will be used and who will use it most often.

Design Styles

The next item on your checklist should be design. You need to sit down with your partner or family members involved and figure out how you want your cabin to look. 

For example, maybe you want a rustic cabin just for you and the guys to use when you are fishing or hunting.

Maybe you and your wife want a retreat on the beach, so you can get away from the kids once and a while.

Or you may have always dreamed of sleeping in a log cabin, out in the bare country-side somewhere.

Material Choices

Material choice is a very important item to include on your checklist. What kind of material should your cabin be made of?

Do you want a modern look with steel siding that is now popular?

Maybe you want to make your cabin out of recycled material such as straw bale or recycled wood products.

You could be the type of person that loves the natural look and feel of the log cabin.

How Much Will It Cost Me?

You must talk to everyone involved in this decision making process and come up with a budget for your project.

How much or little you spend doesn't really matter, as long as you get what you want for a good price.

Costs are going to vary greatly, depending on all the factors that have been discussed above and below.

Do It Yourself vs. Handyman

Your checklist must include options of how your cabin will get built.

Do you have the skills to build something like this?

It may be time to call in the professionals if you don't feel comfortable tackling a project as big as this.

You can save money if you do the job yourself, but  time is a factor too. If you hire a contractor, you can rest assure he will get the job done on time and correctly. This may cost more though.

Location! Location! Location!

Your not building the next great Vegas hotel here, but location is an important aspect of cabin plans.

Think about where you want to spend your leisure time.

If you are older, where do you want to spend your time now?

A checklist is a must when it comes to creating cabin house plans. Spend enough time to plan out everything in advance, your dream cabin will come true for you and your family.