Chimney Flashing

If you are doing exterior home repair and maintenance one area of your home that you should maintain is the chimney. Due to inclement weather conditions, chimney flashing can loosen or even tear off. Replacing chimney flashing might be imperative if your chimney or roof is leaking.

Tips on installing chimney flashing

If chimney flashing is missing, loose, or rusted you will need to replace it. A good time to check and replace chimney flashing is when you are replacing roof shingles so that they will have equal usage expectancy.

There are different types of chimney flashing for different shingles. Wood and asphalt shingles require one type of flashing while slate and tile shingles require another.

If you are not comfortable with heights or you don’t feel comfortable working at a slant, you may need to hire a professional contractor to replace roof tiles and chimney flashing.
This also holds true if you do not have the proper tools because you will need to cut the sheet metal to fit perfectly around the chimney.

Chimney flashing replacement safety precautions

If you decide to replace the chimney flashing yourself, you should have all of your safety equipment and supplies ready to go. These include a safety harness, a stable ladder and brackets, ice-and-water barrier, hammer, extending anchors, tin-snips, a grinder, and the correct size chimney flashing.