Choose the Right Granite Color for Your Maple Cabinets

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If you have maple cabinets in your kitchen, you may find that it's difficult to match them with other fixtures as you plan to remodel the space. Maple cabinets are beautiful by themselves, but in order to be a functioning and aesthetically attractive kitchen or bathroom, you'll need to think about how you wish to pair them with a countertop and with the flooring as well. Only by taking all of these different things into account will you find that you're best able to develop a kitchen appearance that is exactly what you want. Read on for a bit of advice on how to choose the best granite color for your maple cabinets.

Consider Your Appliances

If you have stainless steel appliances in your kitchen within your maple cupboards, you should avoid the tan and the gold granite. Those colors will simply clash with the maple's brown tones. Light-colored granite on the other hand will provide a conventional mood in a kitchen with white appliances.

If you have additional fixtures and appliances to add to your kitchen, think about these when you're making your granite countertop decision as well. Black, slate grey and other deep colors of granite offer a dark tone that adds an alluring look alongside light maple while providing a contrast to the lightness of the maple and blending with stainless steel appliances. For instance, granite such as Ubatuba or Absolute Black, will match the brown of the maple cabinet with the lighter metallic color of the steel appliances very well. Additionally, a dark gray granite color can also look very good when coupled with brown maple cabinets and lighter steel appliances.

Think of the Space and Cost

Consider also how much space the countertop will take up. Some types of granite are more expensive than others; the two varieties listed above are generally preferable for their color, but they're also a good bargain, as many different places stock these colors in greater quantities than other colors. This means that you'll be able to purchase and install your granite countertop for less money if you choose this color than if you were to use another type of granite.

When making your decision, keep in mind that some granite varieties are much more expensive. If you have a larger space to fill with granite countertops, this may be a factor that aids in your decision-making, particularly if you have a limited budget to work with.

Alternate Choices

If you have neutral-colored cabinets in medium brown, it can easily be paired with a white, beige, or grey-colored granite.

Any light to medium color cabinets can be paired with titanium granite.

Dark brown cabinets can be a nice match with green-colored granites—Labrador green, Costa Esmeralda, Green Dragon, etc.

If you find white granite as an attractive choice, you may want to consider the wall color and the natural amount of light that enters the room first before you select this type of granite. It also is usually much more expensive than other colors, so this can be a factor as well.

In conclusion, your best choices for light cabinets are black, slate grey, medium grey, brown, or white, while light gray, tan, white, black, or slate grey would better accommodate for darker stained cabinets.